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Unlock the power of dimensions in Myty Pro to precisely measure and customize your designs:

  1. Accessing Dimensions:
    • Click on the ruler icon on the left side to access dimensions.
  2. Show Dimensions Settings:
    • Choose ‘Show dimensions’ to view available settings for default room dimensions.
  3. Toggle Options:
    • Use the ‘Show all dimensions’ toggle to display wall lengths and square footage.
    • Enable ‘Interactive dimensions’ to see dimensions of selected parts of your design and affected parts when drawing or moving walls.
  4. Customization:
    • Easily adjust the opacity and color of dimensions to suit your preferences.
    • Move dimensions by clicking and dragging them. A dashed line indicates when a dimension is selected.
    • Deselect by clicking anywhere else on the screen.
  5. Drawing Custom Dimensions:
    • Select ‘Draw dimensions’ from the left-side menu.
    • Choose a starting point, click, hold, and drag to draw. Release to stop.
    • Toggle visibility and customize the color in the right-side menu.
    • Move custom dimensions by clicking and dragging them.
    • Delete a custom dimension by right-clicking or long-tapping on it and selecting the bin icon from the context menu.
  6. Note:
    • Dimensions are available only in 2D mode.

With Myty Pro’s dimension tools, you can accurately measure, customize, and visualize your designs with precision and ease. Explore the possibilities and bring your vision to life!

Tutorial. Dimensions
Tutorial. Dimensions

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