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Flex Models

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Changing flex models in Myty Pro is a flexible and customizable process. Let’s explore the options:

Flex Models Customization

  • Accessing Flex Models Library:
    • Click on the library icon in the left side menu and select ‘Flex models’.
  • Selecting and Placing the Model:
    • Choose the desired flex model from the library to place in your design.
  • Customization Options:
    • Upon selecting the model, you’ll find customization options in the menu on the right side.
    • Select the specific part of the model you want to change.
  • Material Customization:
    • In the ‘Materials’ tab, browse through available material options.
    • Click on the desired material to apply it to the selected part.
    • The sphere will display the chosen material for each part.
    • To apply the same material to the entire model, click on ‘Apply to all’.
  • Snapping Feature:
    • Models are automatically snapped to walls and other objects by default.
    • This seamless connection simplifies placement.
    • Toggle the snapping feature on or off for each model individually.
  • Context Menu:
    • Access the context menu by right-clicking or long-tapping on the model.
    • Find options to duplicate or delete the model.
  • Model Manipulation:
    • To duplicate, click on the duplication icon and choose the placement location for the duplicated model.
    • To delete the model, click on the ‘Delete model’ icon.


With these features, customizing flex models in Myty Pro is intuitive and allows for precise adjustments to geometry and materials, enhancing the design process. Experiment with different configurations to achieve your desired look and functionality effortlessly!

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