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Surface Materials

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Are you ready to elevate the look of your designs with customized surface materials in Myty Pro? Let’s dive into the process using walls as an example.

Changing Wall Materials

  1. Access 3D Mode: Head to the 3D mode, as the option to change wall materials is exclusive to this mode.
  2. Two Methods to Change Material:
    • Right-side Menu: Locate the ‘change material’ icon and click it. The material menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.
    • Context Menu: Alternatively, access the material change option through the context menu.
  3. Applying Material:
    • Choose a material from the library, and it will be instantly applied to the surface.
    • If satisfied, close the material menu by clicking the ‘X’ button or outside of it.
  4. Customizing Material:
    • To further customize the material, utilize the options within the menu.
    • Adjust properties like tiling, metallic, and roughness using sliders.
    • Modify color using the color menu, color picker, hex code, or RGB values.
    • Changes made will be reflected on the sphere.
  5. Applying Customized Material:
    • Click ‘Apply’ to apply the customized material to the surface.
  6. Saving Material Presets:
    • Save your own material presets for future use by clicking ‘Save preset’.
    • Enter the name of the preset and click “Save preset”. Your presets will be saved within the project and accessible in the Presets section of the material menu.


Changing Floor Material

  1. Selecting the Floor:
    • Choose the floor you wish to modify.
  2. Accessing Material Change Option:
    • Look for the buttons to change the materials of the floor and ceiling in the right-side menu.
  3. Applying New Material:
    • Click ‘Change material’ and follow the same steps outlined above for changing wall materials.


With these simple steps, you can infuse your designs with personalized surface materials, enhancing the visual appeal of your projects in Myty Pro. Experiment, customize, and bring your vision to life!

Tutorial. Surface materials 2D
Tutorial. Surface materials 3D

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