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Virtual Walkthrough

By May 15, 2024No Comments

Embark on a virtual journey through your designs with Myty Pro’s Virtual Walkthrough feature:

  • Accessing Virtual Walkthrough:
    • Click on the eye icon in the left menu.
    • Select ‘Virtual Walkthrough’ from the options.
  • Setting Starting Position:
    • Click on the ‘Set starting position’ icon.
    • Choose the spot in your design where you want the camera to begin its journey.
  • Adjusting Camera Position and Orientation:
    • Move and rotate the camera to your desired position.
  • Starting the Walkthrough:
    • When ready, click on the arrow icon to commence the walkthrough.
    • You’ll initiate the walkthrough from the chosen starting point.
  • Navigation Controls:
    • Follow action commands to navigate through your design.
    • On desktop, use your keyboard for navigation.
    • On iPad, utilize the virtual joystick for navigation.
  • Exiting Walkthrough Mode:
    • To exit the visual walkthrough mode, click on the arrow in the top left corner.
  • Note:
    • The Virtual Walkthrough camera anchor will disappear if you’re not in the Virtual Walkthrough menu.


Experience your designs in a whole new way with Myty Pro’s Virtual Walkthrough feature, providing you with a dynamic and immersive perspective of your creations.

Tutorial. Virtual Walkthrough
Tutorial. Virtual Walkthrough

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