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Discover the multitude of functions available for walls in Myty Pro with these simple steps:

Wall Menu Navigation:

  • Select a wall to open the wall menu, offering a wide array of options.


Wall Types and Adjustments:

  • Choose between straight or curved walls.
  • Adjust wall thickness or length by entering values in the corresponding fields, specifying direction as needed.
  • For curved walls, experiment with ‘Curve direction’ and ‘Number of segments’ controls to achieve your desired aesthetic.


Material Change:

  • Switch to the 3D perspective to modify wall material. Refer to our detailed material change tutorial for further guidance.


Deleting Walls:

  • Deleting a wall is straightforward – simply click on the “Delete wall” icon.


Context Menu:

  • Access a convenient context menu by right-clicking or long-tapping on the wall.
  • In 2D, options include deleting a wall or breaking it into two separate walls.
  • In 3D, change the material or delete the wall directly from the context menu.


Uncover endless possibilities for design exploration with Myty Pro! Experiment, customize, and create with ease.

Tutorial. Walls 2D
Tutorial. Walls 3D

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