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Windows & Doors

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Adding doors and windows in Myty Pro is a straightforward process, and the steps are similar for both elements. Let’s walk through the process using windows as an example:


Adding Windows

  • Selecting a Window:
    • Open the menu containing window options.
  • Placing the Window:
    • Click on the desired window style, then click on the wall where you want to place it.
    • You can also click and drag to move the window around on the wall.
  • Adjusting Dimensions:
    • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab on the right-side menu.
    • Input values for width and height to adjust the size.
    • Lock or unlock proportions by clicking on the lock sign.
    • Use the slider to change the vertical position of the window on the wall.
  • Replacing the Window:
    • Click on the ‘Replace’ icon and select the new window style.
    • Once satisfied, close the menu by clicking ‘X’ or outside of it.
  • Additional Modifications:
    • In the ‘Properties’ tab of the right-side menu, find information about the selected model.
    • Change material variants, delete, or replace the window from this tab.
    • Access further functionalities such as replace, duplicate, and delete through the context menu.
    • Right-click or long-tap on the window and select the desired action from the context menu.


Adding Doors

  • Selecting a Door:
    • Choose ‘Door’ from the left-side menu.
  • Manipulating Doors:
    • Similar functionalities apply to doors as for windows.
    • Adjust dimensions, replace, duplicate, or delete doors using the options available in the menu or context menu.


With these steps, you can seamlessly incorporate doors and windows into your designs in Myty Pro. Experiment with placement and customization to achieve your desired look and functionality!

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Tutorial. Windows & Doors 3D

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